Hong Kong Feng family drama "family glory" has created a viewing miracle and blossomed in many places to start the upsurge of chasing dramas

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By Youku 、 Jointly produced by Huanya media , Xie Ying 、 Liangjiashu is the chief supervisor , Chendexiu is the supervisor , Hong Jinpo was appointed executive producer , Zhangxiaozhou 、 Chendexiu is the chief producer , Mumongnan 、 Xiong Tao is the producer , Wangshaogang is the planner , Hongjinpo 、 Caijingsheng 、 Directed by Zeng Minshan , zhang 、 Yang Xiyao ( Yang Yi )、 Li Caihua 、 Luo Ziyi ( Luo Zhongqian )、 Xiong Dailin 、 Huang Haoran 、 Liang Jingqi 、 Guo Zhenghong 、 Hong Kong style family drama starring Ai Wei and others 《 Family glory 》, Because of its novel setting, there are many strong reversals , Since its launch, the audience has been singing all the way , Become 2022 The first family drama of the new year . At present, the first round of Youku broadcasting has ended perfectly ,TVB It is now in full swing , Cause a series of drama hot , The play has also become a new classic of joint innovation between the mainland and Hong Kong .

The open ending brings new expectations High energy settings continue to pursue drama passion

With the release of the complete works on Youku platform ,《 Family glory 》 The open-ended outcome of the has once again aroused a wave of discussion , Not “ Everything is settled. ” The end of the style is enough to satisfy the audience . Mazanhong with the purpose of revenge ( zhang Decoration ) And Jia Luoyi ( Li Caihua Decoration ), Finally clarify the truth and pull back from the precipice , Avoid a repeat of the tragedy ; suffer greatly “ Son preference ” Such as yecaiwei, who is poisoned by old ideas ( Xiong Dailin Decoration ) And mazhaoci ( Liang Jingqi Decoration ), Also break through the old rules and get a new life ; Other members of the Mahalanobis family also have their own fruits , Business aristocratic family will see Tianguang again after experiencing the storm . As the most “ Ruthless ” The protagonist Zhen Xin ( Yang Xiyao Decoration ), I was also inspired by love after experiencing the test of fame and wealth , Face prison punishment bravely and expect life to start again . When Zhen Xin is actively remoulding in prison , But an enemy suddenly assassinated her, making her life and death unknown , In addition, it runs through the whole play “ Three uncles ”( Luo Jialiang Decoration ) And finally showed up , Let the family story once again full of unknown . start “ All villains ”, The result is success “ All wise men ”,《 Family glory 》 In human design, it is against the Convention 、 The malady of flattening , Describe the complexity of human nature with more extreme three-dimensional characters . The whole staff is not a good or bad person under the traditional definition , But each has its own position and motivation , And use wisdom and skills to achieve goals driven by motivation .

The scarce experience of watching the play has fully stimulated the audience's enthusiasm for pursuing the play , So far ,《 Family glory 》 Gain in all platforms 210+ Hot search ; Youku Hong Kong theater's popularity list continued 41 Ranked first in the first day , Hot broadcast V Top of the list , continuity 24 Top three in days ; another ,Vlinkage The online play plays continuously 8 Day one , The market share of Lighthouse online dramas in the whole network is continuous 8 The sky is on top ; Cat's eye online drama has been on the hot list of the whole network 8 Day one , The top three on the list have accumulated 20 God ; Yunhequan ranks first in the public opinion popularity list ; The prosperity index of German TV series is the highest and the second ; Yien online drama broadcasting index ranks the highest and the third .《 Family glory 》 Not only popular mainland screens ,TVB since 2.7 The audience rating is high in the first week after the official launch , Capture 22.9 Watch it up , Live broadcast cross platform surpasses 24 spot . Hong Kong 《 Mingbao weekly 》《 Hong Kong 01》 And other mainstream media from the plot 、 actor 、 People and equipment have made all-round follow-up reports , Once again, it triggered the upsurge of chasing dramas .

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