Joan Chen's boyfriend has an Oolong! The magnificent graffiti on the wall provoked the police to ask in the street

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2 month 21 Japan , Chen Jon's boyfriend Allen made an Oolong , It provoked the police to ask in the street .

A reporter photographed Allen drawing graffiti on the street in Taiwan province that day , He is tall , Wearing a white sweater with jeans is full of juvenile feeling . Under his careful drawing , A piece of the old wall presents colorful paintings , The painting style is majestic , It shows a good artistic foundation .

Such excellent graffiti works have also attracted the attention of the street patrol police , Two police officers came forward to cross examine Allen , It seems that he needs to prove that this graffiti has legal procedures . Alan hurried to call for help , A female friend came to explain , It turns out that this graffiti is a street art activity held by the community , It's not painting in private .

Allen is an excellent painter , Many art exhibitions have been held , Joan Chen was also proud to show her boyfriend's works . He often does graffiti art , Most of them are public welfare activities , I hope more people can feel the charm of art .

For her boyfriend's kindness , Naturally, Chen Jon fully supports . She also had a group photo of the two before graffiti , They are men and women in lovers' clothes , Chen Jon combed his ball head and was full of youth . Behind them is a huge piece of graffiti , The color is bold and bright , Full of vitality , Has a strong personal style .

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