"Sasa" flower skating cos amazing female Xia, great praise from Gail gado

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“ sasha ” Trusova's flower skating performance cos Wonder woman

1905 Movie news In recent days, , In the flower skating performance of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games ,“ sasha ” Trusova wears the costume of wonder woman , There was a wonderful flower skating performance , Left a deep impression on the audience .

Her performance also got 《 Wonder woman 》 Actor Gail · Gado's attention , Gado posted on the social media platform , by “ sasha ” hit call, In addition, the photos of Sasa performing as a magical female Xia during the skating performance of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games were published .22 Japan , Sasa forwarded the reply :“ Thank you very much ! I'm really happy !” Dream linkage !

《 Wonder woman 》 Still

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