Yang Xue discloses that she retired from the entertainment circle due to accidental pregnancy and once played jiangyuyan Dahong

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2 month 21 Japan , An interview with actor Yang Xue triggered a heated discussion on the Internet , In the video, she revealed the reason why she suddenly faded out of the entertainment industry , Many netizens feel very sorry for her .

Maybe I haven't been interviewed for a long time , Yang Xue is very nervous when facing the camera , Say your palms are sweating , But as an actress, she quickly adjusted to her good condition , Talking to the camera .

Yang Xue as an actor , Have acted in < Handsome Sibling>< The right way in the world is the vicissitudes of life> Etc , With the help of evil women “ Jiang Yuyan ” This character gains a lot of fans . With exquisite acting skills and exquisite appearance, she has a bright future in the entertainment industry , What I didn't expect was , She chose to fade out of the entertainment industry at the peak of her career , No one knows why .

This time, Yang Xue finally mentioned her decision in the program , It was revealed that it was because of accidental pregnancy that she faded out of the entertainment industry .

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