Who are the characters in the gangster biopic?

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80、90 Hong Kong movies of the s , Especially in action movies 、 In a crime movie , Both before and behind the scenes are inseparable from the participation of Jianghu figures .

Some Jianghu people see it profitable , Have rushed into the film industry . And there are some big guys , They have no interest in making movies , But the film is very obsessed with them .

They are the protagonists today ―― Prototype characters in gangster biopic .

A group photo of the century bandit zhangziqiang and movie star Jackie Chan

《 The emperor of Shanghai 》

In Hong Kong gangster films , Various themes are as vast as clouds , There are countless figures of reality and falsehood , However, there is only one person with the highest status ―― Green Gang duyuesheng .

Mai Dangxiong is 《 Lame 》 After that, start shooting this film , This shows that he is ambitious .

LV Liangwei 、 Zheng is shi 、 Xujinjiang plays Du Yuesheng respectively 、 Huang Jinrong 、 Zhangxiaolin, three tycoons in Shanghai .

These three men were also in that war era , Shanghai beach has the strongest strength 、 The most influential new-style gangs .

Except , The role prototype of the heroine Yetong is the winter emperor of Beijing opera ―― Meng Xiaodong , That is, Du Yuesheng's fifth aunt .

《 Lame 》

Wuguohao's prototype is wuxihao, leader of the Chaozhou gang .

When the film was released, lame Hao was still serving his sentence . The opening Apology Statement “ When this film was shot , Without the consent of Mr. wuxihao . For example, there are imitation and allusion in the film , It's a coincidence .” Thus, it can be seen that McDonnell's strong and perfunctory desire to survive .

After the film was released , Wuxihao even angrily denounced Mai Dangxiong , To be frank 《 Lame 》 Too fake : That's not really me at all .

Finally, Mai Dangxiong worships 50 Wan apologize .

《 Gambling City Tycoon 》

Although this set of biographical films is of average standard , But almost every character has prototype characters for reference .

Andy Lau's character prototype is ho hung, the gambling king of Macao � an ancient drinking vessel � Wanziliang's character prototype is HuoYingDong , Liu Zhaoming's role prototype is Ye Han , Li Jiaxin's role prototype Deborah , Li Han holds the role prototype Xie Xian .

《 Dragon brother and tiger brother of the four families 》

This film continues to be starred by lvliangwei and zhengzeshi , The prototypes are “ White Pink Horse ” Maxiruhe “ Golden Horse ” Brother maxizhen .

Mahalanobis is the founder of Oriental Daily , Ma Xiru's son, Ma Tingqiang, has an entertainment wife ―― Li zi .

《 Five hundred million detective Lei luozhuan 》

The prototype of Leiluo is 60 Lu Le, the 500 million detective who dominated the police and the underworld in the s , His uncle is xianghuayan, xianghuaqiang's brother .

The archetype of Yan Tong played by Qin Pei is another detective Yanxiong .

Before shooting , Xiang Huaqiang 、 To the Huasheng brothers who came to Taiwan to pay their respects , Instead, the protagonist Andy Lau never paid a visit from beginning to end , It made Lu Le very unhappy .

《 Four detectives 》

Li Xiuxian 、 Ren Dahua 、 Zheng is shi 、 Lizixiong starred , The role archetypes are Lu le 、 Yan Xiong 、 Hansen 、 Detective LAN gang sidahua .

I don't know what's coming out this year 《 When the wind blows again 》 How about the finished product , But if you want to know in advance “ Four detectives ” The theme movie , This film is definitely worth recommending .

《 Three flags of a generation 》

Lvliangwei's role prototype chenzhichao . Although chenzhichao is not as famous as lvleda , But his position and power are higher than that of Lu le .

1960 year , The Hong Kong Police Force has set up the post of chief inspector , At the same time, two new departments have been set up , One is the international anti drug group , The other is the general crime investigation section .

These two departments are collectively referred to as “ Three flags ”, The members of the three banners are all inspectors , All titles are above inspector general Hua , As for the behind the scenes leader of the three flags, inspector chenzhichao , So chenzhichao's status is actually a high-ranking Chinese detective in Hong Kong .

《 LAN Jiangchuan's anti flight team is in a storm 》

The prototype of Lanjiang is Lan Gang, one of the four detectives .

stay 《 Biography of Raleigh 》 and 《 There are twelve Temple streets 》 in , Xianghuaqiang has a guest role .

And in this film, he goes out in person 、 Take the lead , He won the nomination for best actor of the golden statue award for his very amateur performance .

《 The lilovski case 》

The film is also starred by lvliangwei, a biographical film expert , The prototype of the protagonist is 50 In the s, Hong Kong Political Department inspector lilov .

It is worth mentioning that , And Lule 、 Wuxihao's attitude of resistance is different , Lilov supports the shooting of this film very much , And in order to ensure the documentary , I also acted as the film consultant myself .

《 The tiger of Wanchai who is drunk and sleepy 》

Starring Ren Dahua , The protagonist's prototype is chenyaoxing, the tiger of Wanchai . The film is adapted from the incident of Huang Langwei slapping Anita Mui 、 The ambush of Huang Langwei 、 The assassination of chenyaoxing and a series of other real events .

Both chenyaoxing's girlfriend chenmiaoying and his ex girlfriend chenjialing planned this film , And Ren Dahua 、 Show off 、 Yin Yangming 、 Lin Guobin and other leading actors have a good relationship with Yaoxing .

《 Jiandong double tigers 》

Show off 、 Starring LinWenLong .

Different from the previous films , Zhang yaoyang plays more than one prototype of Ling Jun , But by the “ Sharp East tiger in tiger ” Huangjunhe “ Sharp East tiger ” Du lianshun is a mixture of the two .

Coincidentally, , Prototype Huang Jun and starring zhangyaoyang are born on the same day , And they have a good personal relationship 、 Appreciate each other .

Huangjunyu has a daughter , For the Queen's female artist Huang Yiwen .

《 Haojiang storm 》

《 Haojiang storm 》 also called 《 Brother Ju 》, Starring Ren Dahua , The character prototype is Macao 14K Big brother yinguoju .

1998 year , Yinguoju invests 1400 Ten thousand Hong Kong dollar , He shot this forced work that has made a monument for him .

Same year 5 month , Yin Guoju was arrested by the Macao police , And this film has become an important evidence of his crime .

Yinguoju was arrested 5 Days later , The film premiered in Hong Kong , But it was finally banned by the Hong Kong and Macao authorities .

《 The great thief 》

The century bandit zhangziqiang , He kidnapped Li zeju, the eldest son of Li Ka Shing, and Kwok Ping Hsiang, a Hong Kong tycoon , He also tried to kidnap Macao gambling king he Hong � an ancient drinking vessel � The amount of his criminal gains was recorded in the Guinness Book of world records .

There are many film and television works based on Zhang Ziqiang's criminal experience , Except for the one starring Ren Dahua 《 The great thief 》 and 《 The thief king 》 Outside , And lvliangwei 《 Bombardier kidnaps the rich 》, as well as 《 Tall trees catch much wind 》《 Chase the dragon 2》 etc. .

Of course, the most familiar image of Zhang Ziqiang to mainland audiences is starring zhaoyanguozhang 《 unable to fly even with a pair of wings 》.

《 Bandit 》

Three thieves in Hong Kong , Besides zhangziqiang, the most famous one , And yejihuan 、 Ji Bingxiong and his wife .

The movie 《 favourable turns in life 》 The last scene is the robbery of a gold shop in the downtown area of Tsim Sha Tsui , Fight with the police in the street .

The creative blueprint of this scene is 1985 The Zhongxin watch line armed robbery that caused a sensation in , at that time 7 A robber refuted fire with the police in the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui , Among the bandits, those who became wanted later ―― Ji Bingxiong .

Starring Ren Dahua 《 Bandit 》, also called 《 The most wanted man will win the day 》, The prototype is yejihuan .

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