Pubajia's new love affair was exposed. His girlfriend walked around the supermarket arm in arm and proposed to Liangjie xudongdong

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2 month 21 Friday night , The media exposed the daily life of pubajia , Suspected of a new relationship .

On the day , Two people have a dinner with their friends , After the end , Pu Bajia sends his friend home , The girl sits in the passenger car all the way . The paparazzi revealed that the girl had a beautiful face . After sending friends , They go home together .

The next day, pubajia and his girlfriend walked out of the house , Go shopping in the supermarket , When I get on the elevator , The woman is holding Pu Bajia's arm again , Holding each other's waist again , It looks very sticky , I guess I'm still in love .

They put on woolen hats with similar styles very tacitly , But pubajia chose green , It is difficult to understand .

Although the woman is wearing a mask , But my eyes showed , High bridge of nose , Your appearance should not be low , And the height is about to catch up with 179cm Pubajia of , A model figure .

After they bought a lot of daily necessities , I came to the clothing section to try on my clothes , Finally, the woman bought a black coat .

Finally, the two returned with a full load .

Many people may not know pubajia , Because he became popular too early , It didn't last long .

Pubajia yes 2006 year 《 Come on, good man 》 The national championship , At the same time, there is Ma Tianyu, who is well known to all .

Pu Bajia's last public girlfriend was Liangjie , And in 2018 I successfully proposed in , At that time, liangjiecai only had 24 year , Pu Bajia 33 year .

At that time, netizens felt that Liang Jie was worthless , Think the man has passed away , And the woman's career has just begun , taken 《 Double world favorite concubine 》 Popular , So quickly became someone else's fiancee , Will affect the future career .

2021 year 5 month , Liang Jie has broadcast many TV dramas , Including Zeng Shun �� taken 《 The wild goose returns to the west window moon 》、 Cooperating with xingshaolin again 《 Double world favorite concubine 3》、 With zhangxincheng 《 The day you become 》. In order not to affect everyone to take cp, Liang Jie finally announced that she was with PU Bajia 2020 I broke up in , This is for a lot of cp Pink is great news .

2020 year 11 month , Some netizens broke the news that pubajia and Liangjie had broken up , Because Liang Jie has deleted her proposal microblog , Sure enough, the rumors on the Internet are not groundless .

Pu Bajia was also exposed to have proposed to xudongdong , The same kneeling on one knee , Send roses and kiss , There is no innovation in the process , And there's a picture, there's a truth .

But when the reporter asked about it , Pu Bajia said it was not him .

Netizens ridiculed that Feng Shaofeng would make a play to change his girlfriend , Pubajia is a play to ask for a marriage , I still don't admit it .

Pubajia is now almost out of the entertainment circle , Now he has 37 year , I wish him to meet the right person , Consider carefully before proposing !

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