Mingdao loses his temper and scolds the child. Is it not bad for the child's parents?

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In the warm atmosphere of the Winter Olympics , Nanfeng thought there were no gossip stories to make , After all, the eyes of the whole people were attracted by the closing ceremony last night . What about today , Everyone is busy seeing off all kinds of “ Foreign relatives ”, Welcome them to China often .

In this welcome and send , The only thing that deserves our attention is “ Bing Dwen Dwen is off duty “, I'm afraid there's no other news . It didn't work out , Mingdao relies on a gag video , Out of my own sky .

Here's the thing , Yesterday afternoon, a video of Mingdao and Huang Yi suddenly came out on the Internet .

In the video , Mingdao and Huang Yi sit together to shoot a new year promo , Huang Yi holds a little girl in his arms , Let's shout “ I wish you all a happy New Year ”. But after a few seconds , Because the little girl doesn't cooperate well when shooting , Mingdao lost his temper and left the table .

He said two more words before he left , The first sentence is “ Wait until you're done ”, The second sentence is “MD, Don't waste my time ”, Then he left with a black face .

From the perspective of video capture and account number , The person who sent this video was the little girl's mother . When she aired this video, it was obvious that she was going for Mingdao himself , The accompanying text also says ” Mingdao thinks that wasting time will bring shame ”.

In general , This kind of video just wants to drive two emotions . First of all , Mingdao plays big cards , Spit fragrance into the mouth of a child , Come and scold him . second , Look at how our children have been bullied , Let's comment .

But this mother obviously underestimated this netizen's ability to distinguish right from wrong , Although everyone agrees that it's impolite to say rude words clearly , I have no patience with children , But the reason why he lost his temper is understandable ( You understand , That doesn't mean it's right to scold a child , Mingdao's behavior is still very impolite .

Through video , We can see that the little girl is very lively , Even if I sit in Huang Yi's arms, I will keep shaking my head , Huang Yi's lens was blocked several times .

The little girl is young , Play heart is also big , So it's always wrong , We have to shoot repeatedly , Wasted a lot of time . The south wind doesn't speak to Mingdao , But from the video content before Mingdao's anger , The little girl is really noisy , When shooting, the posture and state are not very good .

And the reason why everyone stood in line , A large part of the reason is that even if the little girl is young , But she was not playing in the shooting environment at that time , It's working , The nature is totally different .

How many children in the career of child star really want to go , The south wind cannot evaluate , But the little girl in the video is obviously brought to work by her mother . After the little girl made a mistake at work , Instead of coming forward to comfort her mother , Advance the work process , Instead, the on-site materials are sent to the Internet for fermentation .

And the text and content have a strong tendency to guide , This idea is very obvious ……

The little girl's mother here was fed back by public opinion , There is no end to Mingdao .

After the video of his angry departure came out , A netizen exposed another video , When Cheng Mingdao and Huang Yi made a new play , Because the state is interrupted , So I can't control my emotions , Swear directly on the set , say “MD, I just got into the play , You TM This …”

However, the attitude of everyone towards this video is quite different .

Some netizens feel that they treat a woman with dirty words , There is no politeness or respect . Some netizens thought that Mingdao said this to another person at the scene , He felt that this man had interrupted their filming .

In a word, everything is said , But Nanfeng thought that even if he didn't scold anyone , Swearing is just his pet phrase , It's not polite to say dirty words loudly ???

We don't have to go on the line , Just to some extent , You can't stop swearing , The profile proves that this person's quality is also very worrying .

The two events add up , Mingdao has become the object of discussion in the Winter Olympic environment through this kind of negative news . Seeing things get bigger , Mingdao also responded through his agent . To sum up , These are the following four points .

1、 The situation of getting angry at that time was : There are a few days left to finish , Everyone is racing against time , Everyone is tired 、 All on the edge of exhaustion , The children's cooperation is not ideal .

2、 Mingdao made a self-examination , I think no matter whether there is someone on site who can help communicate with the children , You should not vent your emotions at will .

3、 I'm a novice myself, Dad , Learning how to communicate with children , If you have a good way , I also hope to teach myself .

4、 And Huang Yi are good friends in private ,“ It should be a joke at the scene ”.

No matter what the true attitude in Mingdao's heart is , This set of crisis PR rhetoric , For now , Some members of the public are receptive . Because compared with the second video that is suspected of swearing at the actress , The discussion scope of the first angry video is obviously larger .

Especially after the little girl's mother learned that mingdaofang had clarified, she sent an apology with tea smell in her tea , Directly attracted the public attention .

Let's taste the low-grade tea sayings from the little girl's mother :

# The mother's apology blog is very similar to the voice to text , There is a problem with the whole word order , For your convenience , The south wind is properly summarized .#

“ Just like many brokers print pictures , I also sent videos of shooting gags , To show the different day-to-day managers of children . Until I found that the messages of heimingdao and Guoguo continued to increase , I realized that I didn't use the right words .“

The little girl's mother thought she was just sharing her daily life , I didn't mean to make a big deal , Then maybe the ghost helped her “ Mingdao thinks that wasting time will bring shame ” These words are typed on .

The little girl's mother said again “ There are many people , The little girl also has a long face , Sitting on Huang Yi's lap , Time and time again did not cooperate , Although I tried to persuade you, it still affected the shooting . Especially Mingdao , The starring part is very tired , Hope to finish early and rest early , It's normal for little girls .”

Oh, Ho , This little white lotus like complaint , I don't know where I applied for the refresher class .

Next , She also has :

“ I inadvertently sent out a video that caused Mingdao to be hacked , Children's lack of education leads to Mingdao's unhappiness . He wanted to tell the children the minimum respect and cooperation , Don't waste your time , Even educate my children , There is nothing wrong with this .”

“ Ming Dao , I'm sorry , Origin filming , I hope you can forgive my mistake . Don't over judge a dedicated actor , The sudden , The main reason lies in me .”

Help! , Where on earth did this come from !!!! The whole article is full of emotional speeches and the kind of routine dialogues that are common to female sophomores in Jinjiang , The south wind is afraid to say something in the next second : What I did was known by others , Brother, you won't be angry ?

Nanfeng doesn't know what the mother thinks , Although she said she was sorry , But I also found a big group photo with no clear idea to send , Even this group photo is still P1 The location of .

The whole apology tea Yan tea words , Blame everything on the children , I didn't realize my mistakes as a mother , The truth opened my eyes .

Nanfeng went to check , The little girl in the Mingdao incident is qinpeiran , Born in 2016 year , I was arranged by my parents to perform everywhere since I was a child . At the age of two, I began to take part in fashion shows , Later, when they were older, they began to receive variety shows 、 Advertising 、 Take part in a movie 、 TV play …… Years old 7 A little girl of eighteen , It is obvious that the child star journey started under the arrangement of parents .

The star dream , In the final analysis, Qin peiran's parents' vanity .

After this happened , Mingdao should be scolded , Whether he wants it or not , The moment the dirty words are uttered, they should bear the corresponding consequences . But we should pay more attention to , It's these “ Gnawing baby ” Parents who dream of being a star , Whether their supervision and education are in place ?

Let the children come out at a young age to take part in the shooting , In the end, it is to enrich children's after-school life , Or do you want to make money through your children …… Only these parents know the answer .

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