Collapse and reverse? Can Mingdao's image of "good sir" come back?

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I don't know if you have been brushed by Mingdao's tantrums these two days ?

20 When the day , A video of Mingdao losing his temper with a young actor during shooting came out on the Internet . In the video , Ming Dao 、 Huang Yi and several young actors made a new year video together . But the little girl sitting on Huang Yi never cooperated , It's not that the action is not standard , It's the head tilting that blocks Huang Yi's lens . Huang Yi's several slight adjustments are useless , After many times , Mingdao looked at the little girl with a black face .

But the little girl is still like this , It took a lot of time to shoot , Mingdao made a rude remark directly :“md Don't waste my time ”, And drop a sentence “ When you're finished, record ” Turn around and leave the scene .

The first person to upload this video was the little girl's mother , She said “ Mingdao thinks that wasting time will bring shame ”.

When the video comes out , It has quickly aroused heated discussion among netizens , Some netizens think Mingdao is a star , You shouldn't lose your temper with a little girl , Not to mention swearing .

But more netizens criticized the little girl and her mother , I think the little girl is a child star , I'm not young either , Should cooperate with the work . And parents need to guide their children , Instead of leading netizens to accuse Mingdao .

Not long after it happened , Another video came out on the Internet , In the video, Mingdao and Huang Yi are playing opposite roles , When the two are entering the play , Suddenly there was a noise , The camera also shifted elsewhere , Only the voice of Mingdao “md I just got into the play , you tm ad locum …” Because there is no lens , I don't know who Mingdao said this to .

After the two videos come out , It directly pushed Mingdao onto the cusp of the storm .

This matter has also aroused the media of Hong Kong and Taiwan , And use it directly “ Mr. Hao is disillusioned ” It was reported .

In the midst of controversy , Mingdao responded to the interview with Taiwan media through his agent , He said , At that time, the children's cooperation was not ideal , But no matter whether someone at the scene can help communicate with the children , You shouldn't use emotional words . I'm a novice myself, Dad , Also learning to communicate with children .

The agent also responded to the relationship between Mingdao and Huang Yi , Say they are good friends in private ,“ It should be a joke at the scene ”.

It's just 21 Japan , The mother of the little girl who was the first to upload the video publicly apologized on the social platform .

She said that many netizens constantly slander Mingdao because of her videos ,“ Make it more difficult to love acting ” She couldn't bear it . Her intention is to show her children's different experiences besides their daily life , But after reading the comments, I realized that I used the wrong words , Let the audience over comment .

Her daughter has 6 Year old , It belongs to the active type , She often severely educates her daughter . And my daughter has a long face , Has been successfully completed shooting . But she didn't think of stopping her daughter's behavior that day , Mingdao is disgusted with Guoguo because he is tired of playing the leading role .

She bluntly said that the video she had unintentionally sent caused everyone to go dark , Make Mingdao unhappy , It was her fault that caused criticism . There is nothing wrong with Mingdao's education of her daughter .

The little girl's mother finally said that Mingdao fans hope that the male god will return , Mingdao also regards filming as a lifelong career , Please forgive me more , More kindness .

And she was in a group photo with a solemn apology , Everyone is laughing happily , It can be seen that the cooperation is pleasant , But there is no clear way .vvqt

But after she apologized , It has caused greater criticism , Many people think her apology “ Tea breath in tea ”,“ I wanted to make it clear , As a result, people didn't eat this set, leading to their own network explosion ”.

The reason why Netizens feel this way , Because she apologized , But between the lines, he sneered at Mingdao , Especially one sentence “ Make it more difficult to love acting ” It seems to imply that Tao's career is not going well now . But I can't help boasting about my daughter , The only thing missing from the group photo is the truth .

The little girl's mother probably didn't think , She was the one who was scolded the most in the whole incident .

Watch the whole thing , Each has its own mistakes , There is no need to magnify it deliberately because the other party is a star . You think it's right “ one who tries not to offend anybody ” Does the image have an impact ?

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