The director who knows Gu Long best in the world is gone!

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In this paper, from : New vision of Beiwan

2 month 21 Japan , Chu Yuan, a famous Hong Kong director, died , At the age of 87 year .

After the news got out , Directors Wang Jing and Li Lizhi have sent messages to mourn !

Chu Yuan was recently noticed by the public , Is in 2018 When he won the lifetime achievement award of the Hong Kong Film Awards in, he said something on the stage .

He reviewed the glory of his early films at the box office and the embarrassment of his late box office failure , It reflects the coolness behind the glitz of the film industry .

At last he said :

Don't say don't know , Life is the same as playing mahjong , There is a southeast northwest wind , When you hit the north wind , Another kind of life . If you are like me , Old as I am , The lifetime achievement award, the old man's card, has won , should “ Take care of everything in the world , Come and laugh two or three times ”, When you get old , Whatever happens , Despite his joys and sorrows , All when he is a Bodhi mirror , How many things in ancient and modern times , All of them are laughing , Finally, I give you a few words I like , When you look back , Don't regret for doing nothing , Don't be ashamed of wasting your time , Then you can proudly say to yourself : You live your life !

The golden period of Chu Yuan's films is 1973 - 1981 year , In less than 10 In a matter of years , Since he took pictures 《 Seventy two tenants 》 such “ Breaking the highest box office record since the opening of Hong Kong ” A social satirical comedy , He also took many pictures 《 A shooting star · Butterfly · The sword 》《 Passionate swordsman merciless sword 》《 Third young master's sword 》 And other martial arts films adapted from Gu Long's novels .

so to speak , Chu Yuan is the director who makes the most films about Gu Long's novels , He is also the director who knows Gu Long best . He filmed all his life 18 A Gulong film .

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