See big from childhood! Entertainment industry child star born female star has unlimited potential

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Zhang Zifeng

There are several in the entertainment circle “ Cultivation department ” Female star , Child star came out , We grew up watching , The national degree is very high .

Zhang Zifeng 5 He made his official debut at the age of ,8 He starred in the movie at the age of 《 Tangshan earthquake 》, Play in it “ Xiaofangdeng ” In the corner of . stay 《 Chinatown detective 》 in , The mysterious girl played by zhangzifeng “ Snow ”, One look makes countless audiences tremble , It shows her talent in acting again . In recent years, zhangzifeng has been getting better and better in the entertainment circle , It can be said that the wind goes with the water , The green light , She has become 00 The leading figure of the post actress .

Zhao this mai

Zhao Jinmai is also a child star .2010 year , Acting in my first TV play 《 You can't live without a mother 》, Thus officially enter the performing arts circle . Then , She's acting again 《 Wandering the earth 》、《 my ! PE teacher 》、《 Juvenile school 》、《 Little farewell 》 Wait for the TV series .

《 start 》 After the broadcast , It's also up to expectations , The plot is compact , The character relationship line is clear , It also incorporates a lot of human analysis , And the warm scenes , Harvest a piece of praise .

Wen Qi

Wen Qi is also well known 00 Back floret , she 10 At the age of ,14 Got it at the age of “ Golden Horse Award for best female companion ”, The future is great .

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