One day tour around Dongguan | a good place for leisure and entertainment

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Go out with friends on weekends to get some air. Xiaoyao Valley Ecological Park ! The experience is so good that it can be said to be a great farmhouse , Let you have a better experience when you go for the first time ~

Address : Xiaoyao Valley Ecological Park ( Follow the navigation !) Have a huge free parking lot , Parking is also very convenient !

Sports leisure project : Large lawn stage , Table tennis , Table Tennis , badminton , Basketball , football ,Ktv, rowing , Archery , mahjong , swing , slide , Climb the net , Feed the rabbit , Sightseeing agriculture , pick , Kiln chicken , There are fish ponds here , You can fish with friends and simple children's amusement facilities , swing 、 Trampoline 、 Sand can be used for children to play for most of the day ! The farmhouse scenery of Xiaoyao Valley is very beautiful and unique ! The venue is very large , There are mountains and water ! There is also a large lawn that can be built by the regiment , You can camp. So can the children who want to camp at night ! There are swings 、 Hammock, etc  .

All kinds of play events ! Get close to nature , Feel the natural scenery , In short, it's very comfortable ! The boss is very warm ! Remember to make an appointment in advance ! Not much said , Not much ! Sisters rush !

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