Shenzhen outdoor group construction farmhouse leisure and entertainment one-day tour | outdoor activities that can't be missed

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Summer party | Leisure and summer travel

The city is not far away , Rural , A friend or two , Company travel , Family outings

music , Sing a song , Taking pictures , Board role-playing games , Chess and card , game


Location :

coordinate : Shenzhen Baoan Shiyan Dashu ecological farm

The weather : The wind is mild and the sun is bright

daily : Drink tea, chat, walk in a daze , League building , Get down on the ground


recommend :

Large natural green lawn , Professional coaches organize games , Eat, drink and have fun in one place

Large outdoor variable space 【 Lawn camp | Bamboo shed for cooling | Banana forest  |  Camping picnic | Outdoor wedding | Open air concert 】


Group construction games :

Professional coaching team formation culture , Ice breaking dance : Finger dance , Rubbing clothes, dancing, etc ……

Mars hit the earth  |  Roman water cannon battle  |  The Da Vinci Code  |  Kangaroo jump  |  Act with confusion  |  Ten people and nine feet  |  Real people CS Field operations  | F4 Crazy racing  ……


Featured services :

Experience cooking firewood and rice , Make firewood rice by yourself and taste your craft

Outdoor lawn picnic | Special roast whole sheep | self-help BBQ |  Secret baked chicken  

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