Tesla announced that it would no longer enjoy lifelong free standard in car entertainment services for vehicles placed an order after July 21

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If you buy a used car , The remaining free use period will be notified before the vehicle is delivered .

Order placed on 2022 year 7 month 21 Japan ( Not included ) Previous Tesla customized cars or existing cars will not be affected by the policy , Continue to enjoy the standard car entertainment service package free of charge for life , The functions opened at the time of collection can continue to be used for free ( Hardware replacement or upgrade required by relevant functions or services is not included , For example, network module upgrade ).

according to the understanding of , Vehicles equipped with the standard in car entertainment service pack can use the same... As the advanced in car entertainment service pack Basic functions of map and navigation , Including route design based on real-time road conditions 、 Travel planning and super charging pile availability information display .

After the free expiration of the standard car entertainment service package , Some on-board functions that need to be realized based on network connection and third-party license may be changed or removed . At present, the specific functions affected include maps 、 Navigation and voice commands .

As a reference , At present, the subscription fee of advanced car entertainment service package is charged monthly , Specific for 9.99 element / month .

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