"Sofa Butler" TV K song is too simple!Home entertainment preferred K song software

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With the development of smart TVs, TVs have more and more entertainment functions, learning,Games, fitness, etc. can be realized on TV, and K-song is no exception.You only need a karaoke software to become the king of karaoke at home, and no one has robbed you of wheat yet.Isn't it nice!So today, the editor will introduce you to several practical K-song software, so that you can have a blast at home!

Full name K song

National Karaoke TV Edition is the first K-song software based on acquaintance socialization on smart TV, allowing you to "bring KTV home"”, supports QQ and WeChat login, with intelligent scoring, professional mixing, friend ring, sound editing, fun interaction and social sharing functions.There are also a large number of original high-definition MVs, and low latency ensures the best listening effect.Mobile phone scanning code to order songs, mobile phone remote control, mobile phone as a microphone is not a dream, it has been well received after its launch.Sofa Butler searches for [QMKG] to download and install it!

Kuwo K song TV version

Kuwo K song TV versionIt is a family karaoke application specially developed for users of smart TVs, smart boxes and other devices. It is the most popular karaoke application in the current smart TV market. The main features include: massive free MV resources, which are constantly updated every day; song organization formRich and diverse, search, hot list, singer, and classification make it easy for users to find the song they want; the original accompaniment can be switched at will, and both listening and singing are correct. Sofa housekeeper searches [KWKG] to open the Maiba experience!

Sing K song quickly

Sing K song quickly is a mainThe karaoke singing app on the home TV side, including a variety of popular original karaoke songs from ace platforms such as [Hunan Satellite TV] and [Canxing Production], and has cooperated with nearly a thousand record companies on song copyrights, using the world's largest karaoke content to operate the music library, continuously updated every day. The music library serves home entertainment with the quality of professional commercial KTV, with high-definition picture, stereo lossless surround, shocking audio-visual.


Letter-spacing is aA family entertainment application that allows you to enjoy massive ultra-high-definition MV, concerts and other video content, and allows each family member to fully enjoy a privately customized karaoke box experience.

Migu loves to sing

Migu loves to sing is Migu musicA home music application for home TV users that integrates "singing, listening, watching, and interacting". Home-exclusive KTV sings whenever you want, genuine music MVs can be listened to, and popular live concerts are on-demand! Home music, just oneThat's enough! Migu loves to sing, to sing, to have fun!

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