The Encounter of the Metaverse and Pan-Entertainment: The Development of the First CP of the Next Generation

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1991年,Queen releases legendary single《The Show Must Go On》.从那之后,The song and the title have gradually become a symbol.It represents the power of art to disperse night dawn,The cries of the audience resounded through the sky,The legend of never ending on the stage.
The Show Must Go OnThe power and attitude of the.可能某一天,We'll make the song resound under the sea、太空?Or move the stage to an unexpected but reasonable stage——元宇宙.
9月9日,YYThe first metaverse variety show on the entire network created by live broadcast and Baidu Xiyang《Super Music》正式上线.活动汇集了YY的12gold medal artist,They compete as a team,在专属的3DBringing different musical chapters to the metaverse scene.This Metaverse concert not only has a strong lineup,效果精致,It will also broadcast the interaction between live broadcasts that users are familiar with、The viewing function has moved to the metaverse,Customized gifts and a range of gameplay.可以说,This is the first attempt to explore metaverse gameplay on a large scale in the field of live broadcasting.
(Four exclusive3DMetaverse scenes unlock different musical chapters for viewers)
从结果来看,This exploration has achieved quite good results.在YY直播、百度App、希壤、The total number of viewers of live broadcasts on platforms such as Haohao Video exceeded1150万,That spans the highest heat value320万,The total number of interactions exceeded6100万,The entire network has more than6亿.
有理由相信,After that, there will be more live feasts on top of Xiyang,Songs will keep on ringing in the metaverse.但在这个阶段,We may also need to think about the things behind the joy and music.
In the early days when the Metaverse began to receive attention as an industrial proposition,What we often see is the metaverse and games、Combination of exhibitions.but when the concert、Live Encounter Metaverse,We will find bothCP毫不违和,even faintly“本该如此”的感觉.这是为什么?
Answered by this question,We can find that Baidu Xirong andYY合作,not only brought aShow,And more information can be heard in the singing.比如说:
1.Represented by Baidu Xiyong,Metaverse Infrastructure Maturity.
2.The inevitability of the combination of the pan-entertainment industry and the metaverse、必要性.
3.Metaverse towards commercialization、The possibility of industrial integration spreading.
The Show Must Go On.The two-way journey between the Metaverse and Pan-entertainment,才刚刚开始.
绝对CP感:Pan-entertainment and metaverse go both ways
一般来说,我们将“元宇宙”The source of thought points to the American mathematician and computer expert Verno·文奇在1981年出版的小说《真名实姓》.And the formal proposal of this name comes from science fiction works《雪崩》.有意思的是,Different from other tech concepts,We will find yuan all cultures to make of the universe、source of ideas,almost all with life、Entertainment experience、演出、keywords for travel,Frequent appearances in cultural works related to the Metaverse.
So you can see,The first projects thought to be related to the Metaverse,mostly games.similar to the game,Able to satisfy Metaverse users online for a long time、沉浸式交互、Three areas that require a high sense of experience,It should be live.一场演唱会,make us get carried away;一个直播间,Let us brush into the night.The pan-entertainment field represented by live broadcasting,There is a naturalCP感的.
有了CPafter feeling,Both must have the power to go both ways.
From the perspective of the metaverse,Now the Metaverse urgently needs a proof problem,To prove to more industrial needs whether its technical value is considerable,Is it possible to connect with more commercial space、Larger market audience combined.因此,User must be connected with content,Let users feel the metaverse experience behind the content.This makes the Metaverse urgently need a pan-entertainment outlet such as live broadcast as a problem-solving idea today..
And from the perspective of broadcast industry,Now the live broadcast has entered the standard second half.After the basic mode is determined,What the platform needs is intensive cultivation,Improve the live broadcast experience,Bring novelty to users、sense of upgrade.And the Metaverse is without a doubt an excellent choice..在观看直播的同时,Experience the charm of state-of-the-art technology,This is very attractive to users.
因此可以看出,Metaverse and the natural nature of the pan-entertainment industryCP感,In addition, the Metaverse and the live broadcast industry are currently in a two-way phase.,Let Baidu hope to cooperate withYYLive co-create《Super Music》became a matter of course.
But being motivated is not an absolute condition for complete this quest,Baidu and is neededYYprepare together.
百度希壤与YY携手,Unleash the magnetism of the Metaverse
The Metaverse is an Assumption and Goal First,Then the technology、Industry exploration into which products and content fit.It's not difficult to come up with goals for the metaverse,One after another, we can see a large number of entrepreneurial projects and capital are chasing this outlet.A real test of the metaverse exploration process,is to diversify the technology、产品能力,以及内容、渠道能力,aggregate into a real“Metaverse base”,A true virtual world experience.换言之,The real competition on the current metaverse track,是一种“Industrial magnetism”.
In Baidu Xirong andYY的合作中,We can clearly perceive how the metaverse magnetism is released.
首先来看YY方面,Exploration of aggregation technology based on live broadcast platform,Effectively tap industrial infrastructure,is a magnetic force.今年1月,YYAnnounce the focus on generic life kind of content“万象计划”.The highlight of which isYYWill join hands with Baidu Xiyang to enter the metaverse track,打造一个场景多元、形象多变、沉浸式互动体验的YY直播元宇宙,Became the first live broadcast platform to announce its entry into the Metaverse.YYTaking advantage of the platform advantages of Baidu Xirong,Explore live streaming experience upgrades,It's a metaverse magnetism that absorbs industry-leading infrastructure..
另一方面看,YYThe live broadcast is also actively releasing the magnetism for the metaverse technology.YY直播从2020Started to lay out Metaverse related patents in 2018,At present, nearly 100 Metaverse invention patents have been applied for,在虚拟主播、三维直播/全景直播、3D礼物、Virtual co-video video link、线上KTV、There are high-value patent portfolios in green screen matting and other aspects.YY在《Super Music》There are more than ten technical patents directly displayed.除此之外,YYInteractive technology in live broadcast、Hundreds of high-value patents in audio and video codec and transmission technology.These results showYYTechnological Magnetism in the Metaverse Field.
If we look backward,It will be found that Baidu Xiyong is a representative project of metaverse magnetism.2021年,Baidu officially released Metaverse products“希壤”.As the universe creation platform and infrastructure,Xiyong has Smart Interaction、声临其境、ten thousand people、Open and co-create four major features.Baidu Xiyang relies on strong technical support to build metaverse infrastructure,Provide cloud-intelligence integrated solutions for Metaverse,迄今,have been held and completed70Many yuan universe activities and space,开启了汽车、营销、地产、科技、艺术、fashion and more20a core industry“Metaverse for the first time”,Created the most open and prosperous domestic Metaverse ecology.
2022年8月,Xiyong officially released“MICE Metaverse Solutions”,This program can be used for different industries、Areas to provide convenient、Diverse Metaverse Exhibition Services.Can provide one-stop conference and exhibition solutions,Achieving comprehensive coverage of the exhibition production process,Realize the rapid construction of the metaverse the solution level,Baidu Xiyang combines the development path of Metaverse and the specific needs of enterprise exhibitions、The innovative demands of the online experience are aggregated.This is a kind of horizontal opening of technical boundaries,Vertically opening up industry needs,The first metaverse magnetism to condense into a solution.
Open up again,Examining Greece's technical system,It will be found that it is also the product of magnetic polymerization.元宇宙不是一种技术,而是一个目标.This goal togetherAI、虚拟现实、音视频编解码、Blockchain and many other technical fields,At the same time, it also puts forward requirements for the infrastructure supporting the aggregation of these technologies..
In soil,Aggregate Baidu's intelligent voice、机器视觉、knowledge graph, etc.AI技术优势,and real-time audio and videoRTC等技术能力.从基础设施层面看,元宇宙对算力的需求是近乎无穷的,The continuous and effective operation of the metaverse platform relies on cloud computing technology.元宇宙是一个AInative world,This also marks the entry of computing intoAI原生阶段.Baidu from the data center、云基础设施、engineering platform andAIFour levels of application development platform to build your ownAINative cloud computing product platform,Fully support the construction of the metaverse.百度智能云的“云智一体”战略,It is the infrastructure guarantee that Greece can successfully realize.
open one by one,We'll find a live broadcast over XiyongShow并没有那么简单.It needs to start from the technical layer、基础设施层,to the product layer、内容层、Layer-by-layer construction of the channel layer,Requires full collaboration between different platform systems and infrastructures.
This kind of aggregation produces more possible gameplay,is Baidu andYYThe Metaverse Magnetic Force Unleashed Together.
The Show Must Go On:这首歌,To the Future of the Metaverse
《Super Music》汇聚了众多YYThe platform's leading Internet celebrity,Bringing immersive music feast to users.And from the perspective of industrial value,The quest itself is a show.It's just that it's not an internet celebrity singer who sings on stage,It is the Chinese Metaverse Industry that is ready to go commercial.
The Rise of the Metaverse Was a Short-Range Burst.From the very beginning we have classified a large number of related and unrelated projects as metaverses,After that, capital and technology companies began to deploy long-term metaverse development,Then the Metaverse project began to gallop towards the commercialization stage,Yuan serve for every profession and trade infrastructure the universe started,which only experienced a short time span.This is because the Metaverse itself is a product of technological synthesis,It is already a large number of technical reserves.而面向未来,Yuan of the universe is not achieved overnight.we need to try、反馈、Evolving the metaverse in an escalating cycle,It is also necessary to make technology and commerce the two-wheel drive of the metaverse.
Under the rapid explosion of the metaverse,Maybe many companies and industries will be curious about what the Metaverse can bring?Is it ready to work with our business、行业合作?这次《Super Music》,Perhaps it is a very good answer.If we imagine this event as a metaverse song,You will find that there are several layers of connotation in this song.
1.put the lights on the stage:A test of the metaverse infrastructure.
Exploring the Metaverse Conference、活动、when the show is worth,we will first ask,Is the metaverse infrastructure ready??How was the final experience?This time Xiyong andYYcooperation provides an example a large number of performers、Diverse stage styles、Under the impact of high concurrent user traffic,When soil still brought a perfect universe experience.
在这背后,It is through Baidu Smart Cloud“云智一体”的特色能力,Forming the Metaverse Infrastructure,Has been able to support the multi-dimensional co-creation of the metaverse.Metaverse needs for the ultimate test,Xiyong has formed relatively mature products and solutions.
2.Play the transformative note of live broadcast:pan-entertainment industry“元宇宙”之变.
When the live broadcast industry comes to the development deep water area,Changes in user experience and the addition of more gameplay are crucial.直播+元宇宙,from interactivity、场景感、Immersion and many other aspects have broken the boundaries of previous live broadcasts,Make the live broadcast more authentic with a live interaction.This is likely to be the start of a new round of innovation in the live broadcast industry,Understanding and Layout of the Metaverse,It will also become the new competitiveness of the live broadcast platform..在这次的《Super Music》,We can see the music playing solitaire games and lucky draw,Building a new experience of audience engagement in the Metaverse.In the studio all functions into yuan outside of the universe,The show incorporates metaverse properties,Specially set up idol custom virtual accessories、3DNew explorations such as limited-time gifts.
Xiyang takes the stage,YY唱戏,It is driving the live broadcast industry to start a revolution that uses the metaverse to leverage the live broadcast experience.This change is not only effective for live broadcasts,在视频、游戏、文旅、Performances and other industries can also bring a lot to explore、Imaginative space that can be dig deep.
3.A metaverse that sings more industries may:The industry's imagination of Xiyong.
Xiyong positions itself as the underlying infrastructure of the Metaverse,Through this project, the ability to be released to the outside world,more industries、More companies and various activities have settled in Greece,The Metaverse will also become more and more full、多元.This is Baidu's unique angle to explore the user value and commercial value of the Metaverse,It is also the key for more industries to open the door to the metaverse.
与YY的成功合作,It has general reference and reference for more industries.How to aggregate users,How to get the most out of the new digital infrastructure,How to move offline activities to online,This series of propositions have strong industry versatility.
比如说,We can see from this program that Xiyang can quickly provide enterprises、Industry users build metaverse space.The industrial efficiency is a lot of industry and the field desperately needed.At the previous Beijing International Film Festival,can see close80movie agency in shiyon“Hall of Fame Movie Palace”进行展示和交流.Metaverse construction efficiency is on full display in this event.
Can the Metaverse effectively support commercial-grade activities?,It is also the focus of many companies and industries to consider.Auction of Chen Danqing's Artwork Held by Xiyang and Supermedia Holdings,有超过12万人参与,Completed hundreds of auctions.Visible when soil to support the feasibility and effectiveness of business.
More brilliant notes from companies,The shocking rhythm of more industries,Shine on the future road of the Chinese Metaverse.