Zhiyang Entertainment: What are the rules and practical skills of Weibo operation?

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Zhiyang Entertainment: What are the rules for Weibo operationand practical skills?I believe that many people have questions. Today, Shenzhen Zhiyang Culture Media Co., Ltd. will answer you!

Sina Weibo is relative to WeChat, a more open media platform. Users usually build relationships based on interests, and rely on hot content for efficient and timely marketing. We imagine that we are playing business simulation games such as Legend of Sword and Fairy. Players will choose different according to their interests.The task to clear the customs, then we are marketing for users with different interests or other positioning in Weibo.

Big V public opinion leaders released positive comments, a large number ofOrdinary grassroots were quickly called up to join the dissemination team. Ordinary grassroots would generate a large number of word-of-mouth evaluations. Since they can only affect a small number of people and the spread is limited, they can only form many scattered water forces, and their influence is relatively balanced.

Zhiyang Entertainment: What are the rules for Weibo operationAnd the actual combat skills are as follows:

Zhiyang Entertainment: What are the rules and practical skills for Weibo operation?

1. In terms of basic settings, optimize the search of Weibo account

1. Weibo name, introduction, address suffix, keyIn terms of words, accurate image positioning can be carried out, so that users can have an immediate impact;

2. For example, keywords: set catering, food, strategy, life services, etc.;

3. Name: the main brand name;

4. Introduction: Brand positioning is the main focus, with a distinct image;

5. Custom Weibo address suffix: Set the brand English name or pinyin name as the custom suffix.

II. Other account information

1. Friendly Links: Add web pages or website-related links atOn the left sidebar of the Weibo homepage, the official website of the company can generally be attached;

2. Weibo focus map or video: displayed on the Weibo homepage, pictures can be rotated;

3. Contact address and contact person: allow users to understand more directly offline;

III. Fan service platform management

1. Customize bottom navigation: setting menu, reservation, queue, order, takeaway, coupon, membership card, payment,Games, points, pay bills, birthday privileges, complaints and suggestions and other functions, these functions can refer to the settings of the WeChat official account homepage;

2. In addition, you can set up subscription to send, and regularly push brand-related information through the private message function, such as brand introduction, activities, coupons, etc.

4. Regular content delivery

According to the direction of corporate publicity to determine the catering tone, and according toPositioning and publishing relevant content.

1. Brand information and trends;span>

2. Dishes information, including existing, pre-servedNew, etc.;

3. Recipe sharing,Share relevant recipes around your own dishes;

4,Real scene sharing, such as kitchen scene, customer consumption;

5. Social hotspots, track hotspots, and show attitude;

6. Local life, publish localized life service news;

7. Interesting information, such as entertainment news, jokes, etc.;

The form includes pictures, text, animation, audio, live broadcast, video and other forms!

The above is Shenzhen Zhiyang Culture Media Co., Ltd.The editor introduced to you Zhiyang Entertainment: What are the rules and practical skills of Weibo operation, I hope everyone can help after reading it!

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