ZuLong entertainment subsidiary was granted the right to adapt the dragon family game by Tencent Penguin film and television, and will develop new card games

IT The home of 6 month 20 Daily news , Today morning, , ZuLong entertainment issued an announcement on the Hong Kong stock exchange , On 2022 year 6 month 18 Japan , Chengdu fantasy Mermaid technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the comp...

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Hong Kong Feng family drama "family glory" has created a viewing miracle and blossomed in many places to start the upsurge of chasing dramas

In this paper, from : Ifeng.com By Youku 、 Jointly produced by Huanya media , Xie Ying 、 Liangjiashu is the chief supervisor , Chendexiu is the supervisor , Hong Jinpo was appointed executive producer , Zhangxiaozhou 、 Chendexiu is the chief produ...

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Joan Chen's boyfriend has an Oolong! The magnificent graffiti on the wall provoked the police to ask in the street

In this paper, from : Beiqing. Com 2 month 21 Japan , Chen Jon's boyfriend Allen made an Oolong , It provoked the police to ask in the street . A reporter photographed Allen drawing graffiti on the street in Taiwan province that day , He is tall ,...

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"The world", reading while pursuing drama

In this paper, from : Xinmin.com lately , A TV play adapted from liangxiaosheng's novel 《 human world 》 Conflagration .2019 year , When teacher liangxiaosheng sent three masterpieces , Read in time , At that time, I thought how wonderful it would ...

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"Cong Tong Group" responded to netizen Ke CP: never been together. It's my first intention to skate well

In this paper, from : Beiqing. Com 2 month 20 Japan , The Beijing Winter Olympics has come to a successful conclusion , Many moments of winning the championship are still fresh in my mind . Han Cong 、 Suiwenjingzai 19 She won the gold medal in the...

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After 44 years, where is the new version of the tragedy on the Nile?

In this paper, from : Surging news new edition 《 The tragedy on the Nile 》 Movie Poster 1978 year , Agatha · Christie's masterpiece 《 The tragedy on the Nile 》 For the first time on the screen , Time interval 44 year , The new film is in 2 month ...

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Exclusive interview with Wang Yang: This is the only skin bag

In this paper, from : Surging news In the past two years , Speaking of the actor Wang Yang , A lot of people think 《 Celebrate more than 》 Tengzijing, a loyal and courageous man ,《 Rebel 》 Medium “ Drag the king ” Chen moqun . And the TV series th...

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"Sasa" flower skating cos amazing female Xia, great praise from Gail gado

In this paper, from :1905 Movie network “ sasha ” Trusova's flower skating performance cos Wonder woman 1905 Movie news In recent days, , In the flower skating performance of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games ,“ sasha ” Trusova wears the costume ...

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Ni Ping sends a picture to bless xumengtao: send me a package of happy candy when you get married

In this paper, from : Beiqing. Com 20220222, In this day of love , Xumengtao announced his love affair with Wang Xindi , Ni Ping painted a small picture full of pink flowers for xumengtao , writes :“ You have been fighting for your country for so m...

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Ren Ziwei rejoined the class group: finally, he can continue to do his homework

In this paper, from : Beiqing. Com In recent days, , Ren Ziwei 1 The fact that Yue was moved out of the group chat because she handed in her homework late was revealed by netizens , Initiate a discussion . 21 Friday night , Some netizens said that...

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Yang Xue discloses that she retired from the entertainment circle due to accidental pregnancy and once played jiangyuyan Dahong

In this paper, from : Beiqing. Com 2 month 21 Japan , An interview with actor Yang Xue triggered a heated discussion on the Internet , In the video, she revealed the reason why she suddenly faded out of the entertainment industry , Many netizens fe...

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41 year old song Jia basks in a plain swimsuit photo! The neckline is open and charming, and a pair of long legs are tender and smooth

In this paper, from : Shanghai Hotline star found Shanghai Hotline , In recent days, , A popular TV play 《 Dress up 》 A group of footage of Song Jia swimming was exposed . Song Jia is wearing a black bathing suit , Wearing goggles , Slender limbs...

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Who are the characters in the gangster biopic?

80、90 Hong Kong movies of the s , Especially in action movies 、 In a crime movie , Both before and behind the scenes are inseparable from the participation of Jianghu figures . Some Jianghu people see it profitable , Have rushed into the film indust...

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Dare to follow the crime film of Spiderman PK, or overturned

The author of this article is from Xiaowan family @ Adai The star chasing dog who is ugly and Yan controlled is here Since the outbreak , The film industry of all countries is actively seeking “ The rescue ” The way . Almost all the films that ...

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Pubajia's new love affair was exposed. His girlfriend walked around the supermarket arm in arm and proposed to Liangjie xudongdong

2 month 21 Friday night , The media exposed the daily life of pubajia , Suspected of a new relationship . On the day , Two people have a dinner with their friends , After the end , Pu Bajia sends his friend home , The girl sits in the passenger car ...

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Mingdao loses his temper and scolds the child. Is it not bad for the child's parents?

//inews.gtimg.com/newsapp bt/0/14545740198/1000 //inews.gtimg.com/newsapp match/0/14545740197/0 In the warm atmosphere of the Winter Olympics , Nanfeng thought there were no gossip stories to make , After all, the eyes of the whole people were attr...

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Collapse and reverse? Can Mingdao's image of "good sir" come back?

I don't know if you have been brushed by Mingdao's tantrums these two days ? 20 When the day , A video of Mingdao losing his temper with a young actor during shooting came out on the Internet . In the video , Ming Dao 、 Huang Yi and several young ac...

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The director who knows Gu Long best in the world is gone!

In this paper, from : New vision of Beiwan 2 month 21 Japan , Chu Yuan, a famous Hong Kong director, died , At the age of 87 year . After the news got out , Directors Wang Jing and Li Lizhi have sent messages to mourn Chu Yuan was recently notic...

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See big from childhood! Entertainment industry child star born female star has unlimited potential

In this paper, from : Qingdao news network Zhang Zifeng There are several in the entertainment circle “ Cultivation department ” Female star , Child star came out , We grew up watching , The national degree is very high . Zhang Zifeng 5 He made...

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CCTV host lisisi basks in his fitness photos, his cheeks are slightly red, and he is in good condition

In this paper, from : Beiqing. Com 2 month 22 Japan , Lisisi posted a group of fitness photos on the social platform . Lisisi is wearing tight sportswear , Well proportioned . In the picture, her cheeks are reddish , Looks like I just finished exe...

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  1. Gu Ailing's sexy blockbuster has been exposed. She wears a deep V sling to show her sexy curve. She is well matched by the black people
  2. Fukuhara Ai's ex husband showed his birthday photos and the father and son were very happy in red jackets
  3. Longmeizi's new song "faint fragrance disappearing in the wind" the faint fragrance is easy to disperse, but it is forever engraved in the heart
  4. Talk show actor Yang Mengen announced his marriage and got his license on February 22, 2022
  5. Ning Hao directed the comedy "Mr. red carpet" and Andy Lau acted as an angry star
  6. Empowering the Winter Olympics, made in China Episode 1 - Beidou helps close loop management
  7. "If one day I will leave you" exposes a special series on women. Qi Xi, Qiu Tian, Zhang Aijia is flexible and solves life's difficulties
  8. Wu Jinyan basks in a group photo with Xu kaibingdundun Xu Kai: realizing the freedom of Bing Dwen Dwen is just around the corner
  9. Director Qiao Liang's "old best friend" ends young and old life raises hot discussion
  10. Lixiaomeng basks in a family of four. The eldest son is too sensible to help his brother take a bath. Wang Lei is so close to his wife
  11. Three men in a play! The movie channel broadcast "cook plays ruffian"
  12. Noon sunshine will sell again tonight, and the annual hot money is reserved
  13. The film Mr. red carpet starts Ning Hao and Andy Lau continue the "leading edge" to book a comedy hit
  14. Ye Qinghui! Rainie Yang, he Junxiang, Wang Chuanyi, the same frame again after 15 years
  15. GM will close the infotainment system application marketplace this month
  16. GM will close the infotainment system application marketplace this month
  17. 北京石景山区:娱乐场所和地下各类活动场所暂不开放
  18. Shijingshan District, Beijing: entertainment venues and underground venues for various activities are temporarily closed
  19. Fengqiu technology provides you with electric vehicle entertainment system solutions
  20. 祖龙娱乐附属公司获腾讯企鹅影视授予《龙族》游戏改编权,将开发新款卡牌游戏